The World’s First Luxury Compact SUV Convertible


Since 1948 Land Rover has been manufacturing authentic 4x4s that represent true ‘breadth of capability’ across the model range. Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque each define the world’s 4×4 sectors, with 80% of this model range exported to over 170 countries.

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These are two cars you don’t wanna get in front of

Check Out the Heavily Modified Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Sport From ‘Spectre’

Spectre is gearing up to be a showcase of the latest and greatest in the automotive world, and here we are afforded a look at two of the more hard-wearing cars to get their prime time in the new James Bond flick. The already formidable Land Rover sees the addition of 37-inch off-road tires, bespoke suspension, and enhanced body protection, while the Range Rover Sport is enhanced with a roof-mounted custom lighting fixture and an optimized engine that makes the car the fastest and most powerful in its class. See these cars in action when Spectre hits cinemas on November 5.

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VW Confession 

VW’S CONFESSION THAT it illegally programed the software in 11 million diesel-powered cars to cheat on emissions tests comes with the sting of betrayal for owners. The automaker’s been touting the benefits of “clean diesel” for years, and it dominates the American market for the gasoline alternative. 

The accusation applies to 482,000 diesel-powered, four-cylinder Jetta, Beetle, Audi A3, and Golf cars sold between 2008 and 2015 in the US, and to Passat cars sold from 2014 to 2015. Today, Volkswagen said the software is present on 11 million cars worldwide. “I personally am deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public,” CEO Dr. Martin Winterkorn said in a statement. The company has denied rumors he will resign.

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Honda Project 2&4 Debut

Another of very interesting motors on display at the Frankfurth Motor Show was the Honda Project 2 and 4, the winning entry from Honda’s ‘Global Design Project’

Embodying the concept of ‘creative craftsmanship’, Honda Project 2&4 celebrates Honda’s position as the world’s leading engine manufacturer, providing engines to 28 million people per year across two- and four-wheel automotive, power equipment, marine and aerospace applications.

An example of the continuous effort by Honda to design an ever-more immersive driving experience, Honda Project 2&4 brings together the brand’s unique capabilities in two- and four-wheel mobility. Featuring the RC213V competition motorcycle engine, which has been modified to run on public roads, Honda Project 2&4 provides the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car.

Its exceptional power unit, developed for the world-class MotoGP motorcycle racing series and specially tuned for the public road, is a 999 cc V-4 four-stroke unit and conforms to Honda’s ‘The Power of Dreams’ guiding philosophy that inspires innovation and originality. Peak power output is over 215 PS at 13,000 rpm, while peak torque of over 118 Nm is delivered at 10,500 rpm. Transmission is provided by a six-speed DCT gearbox.

(Source: Luxurious Magazine)

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