Halo cars – a case of “hello gorgeous”!

Want to cast your eyes on the crème de la crème of cars? Look no further than these leading manufacturers’ halo cars, as Ané Theron, motoring journalist at AutoTrader explains.

A halo car is a vehicle that is progressive in terms of technology, performance and styling; it’s a car that we all dream of owning. “Much like a model or celebrity who attracts attention to a fashion label, a halo car will attract motorists to an automotive brand. It’s an over-the-top demonstration of what an automotive company can achieve. These cars usually carry a hefty price tag and are not always suited for everyday use, but serve to create a buzz around the brand,” explains Ané Theron, motoring journalist at AutoTrader.

Many people have never heard of so-called “halo cars”, but the term has found its way into the world’s leading digital dictionary, Dictionary.com. According to the world’s online source, “The word originates from the allusion to the vehicle putting a ‘halo’ over the brand name.”
GRSupraRacingConcept_Studio_4 - source - Motor PressCaption: Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Source: Motor Press

In keeping with this, at the recent Geneva Motor Show, Toyota showed a halo car – which has little in common with other Toyotas except its badge. The GR Supra Racing Concept (GR stands for Gazoo Racing; Toyota’s motorsport brand) has a pure front-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration and makes use of advanced lightweight materials in its construction. “This halo car conveys the message that Toyota produces vehicles that are sporty and exciting,” comments Theron.

honda source - newspress co ukCaption: Honda NSX Source: newspress.co.uk

Recently spotted during testing in South Africa, the Honda NSX is another famous halo car, not available to the local market, sadly. “This is a vehicle that truly exemplifies the halo car concept,” explains Theron. “The fighter-jet inspired NSX has been described as the pinnacle for engineering for Honda, featuring a 3.5-litre V6 engine and three electric motors.”

Orange_Fury_009_lead source - newspress co ukCaption: Ford Mustang Source: newspress.co.uk

The Ford Mustang is doing the same job for Ford Motor Company. “This halo model does a superb job for Ford – drawing fresh eyes to the brand. In a country such as South Africa, it will never be a top seller. A mere 56 Mustangs were sold in March this year, for instance. But it will attract the attention of new buyers, who may purchase another performance model like the Ford Focus RS, instead.”
GTR_2 - source - newspress co ukCaption: 2017 Nissan GT-R Source: newspress.co.uk

The GT-R does precisely the same job for Nissan. “At a starting price of R2,170 million, the GT-R is out of the league of most South Africans, but has done a superb job in its role of halo car establishing Nissan’s credentials when it comes to producing a high tech powerhouse,” comments Theron.
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class source - newspress co uk

Caption: S-Class Mercedes-Maybach Source: newspress.co.uk

The S-Class Mercedes-Maybach, available in South Africa (pricing starts at R2 479 291,23), is another example of a superb halo car. “This stylish and elegant car represents the pinnacle of motoring excellence. It is the most luxurious, comprehensively equipped and refined S-Class ever,” says Theron

A State of Stance 2018

ASOS 2018-01

A State of Stance is back for a record breaking 4th time! Already making an impact amongst the locals, The Pavilion Shopping Centre Westville will once again play host for another weekend of excitement and fun.

Some of the block busting action attractions include Drifting, Spinning, SA Strongman Challenge, Bike Stunts and many more. The event will feature a LIVE Music Festival featuring some of South Africa’s most talented local artists performing in front of thousands of patrons, taking to the dance floor that serves as the Drift Arena during the day. Come and join Gas Magazine for an unforgettable experience.





Car Fanatics: Fasten your seatbelts for another adrenalin packed Drift Expo

It’s all systems go as the Wild Coast Sun gears up to host the fifth edition of the Wild Coast Sun Drift Expo on 14 April 2018 at resort’s Roof Top Car Park. The next installment of this adrenalin packed drift series features 35 of the best drivers the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape coast have to offer in a super charged contest. Amongst these are last year’s top three Morne Venter, Shane Ferreira and Gavin Puren who came first, second and third respectively.

The event also features a motor bike show, live entertainment and music, food stalls and the ever so popular suicide rides to keep spectators on their toes. Famous motor sport announcer Vic “the loudest white in Africa” Pardell will keeps the crowd entertained.

“The Wild Coast Sun Drift Expo has become one of the most highly anticipated events on our calendar, with visitors flocking in the droves to be part of the action. We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Puren Plant Hire once again to bring this action packed event to fruition. This year will be adding a few new elements to the Expo to really drive up the spectator value. We can’t wait to announce these changes and additions soon,” said Mawande Genu, Public Relations and Promotions Coordinator:Wild Coast Sun

Stay to 20:00pm and join in the Street Bash with our great local DJ’s… see you there !

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