New Sony Ps4 Cuh – 1200 Model

The new PS4 CUH-1200 model has just been released in its native Japan and an analysis shows that the latest version of the Sony console is much quieter and consumes less power than the original incarnation. The PS4 launched in November of 2013 and, since then, the Sony console has reigned supreme in terms of sales and popularity, trumping Microsoft’s Xbox One in many regions all around the world. The console has received a lot of different firmware updates to add new features and refine existing ones, but its hardware has remained the same since its original release. Now, after almost two years since launching the console, Sony begins rolling out the PS4 CUH-1200 model, which was revealed a short time ago. The in-depth breakdown shows quite a lot of great user-oriented improvements. First and foremost, the console consumes less power, at just 122W as opposed to the launch edition that needed 148.6W. At the same time, the new model is “noticeably quieter” than the initial version, so fans that complained of the loud fan noise can opt to upgrade to the latest edition of the PS4. In terms of actual hardware, the motherboard has a fresh layout for the GDDR5 memory, splitting the 8GB into eight modules, instead of 16, like on the original model. The power supply is also 80 grams lighter, while the main processor remains the same from the technical standpoint, only under a different name. As mentioned by Sony, the new PS4 CUH-1200 model also boasts a revised exterior design, with a matter hard drive cover, instead of the glossy one from the initial version. The new PS4 model is available in Japan and starts rolling out worldwide in the following weeks. Some regions will also get a 1TB version, which sports a larger hard drive than the regular 500GB one.

(Source: House of Japan)

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