Lexus LC500 vs Mercedes-AMG GT

When a Lexus, that isn’t the revered LFA, arrives at your door with a price tag of a cool R1.7-million, it’s somewhat difficult not to draw parallels with super sports cars of a similar price tag reports AutoTrader. After all, isn’t that what the consumer does? Weighing up the pros and cons. The Lexus LC500 is one of those that will get you thinking. Only a minuscule amount of people out there have that sort of money burning a hole in their pocket and would be able to frivolously spend it on a sports coupe.

Lexus LC500 Coupe-1

So what does the Lexus LC500 go up against in the local market. R1.7mil will get you a lot of car if you’re not specifically looking for a coupe, but if that’s your bag, then you may be looking at the likes of the Porsche Carrera. In which case, it will be the GTS. The BMW M6 is a bit of a stretch, but the M4 is well within ‘budget’ before you spec it. One of the best value propositions happens to be the Mercedes-AMG GT, which goes for similar money. I’ve spent time with the GT and thoroughly enjoyed it, but when faced with the choice, how does it stack up? Read More…



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