A State of Stance 2014

Words by Wade Lambert // Pics by Wade Lambert & Southern Stance

The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of August saw Gas Magazine host one of the biggest events South Africa has seen to date. It was fittingly named A State Of Stance. The days of your average car show has definitely been thrown out the window and aren’t welcome back.


People these days are looking for fresh and new events, things that haven’t been done before. A State of Stance was deemed to be the ultimate experience fusing cars and music. Set up for the event took place on the Friday and by the state of cars pulling in and taking their places, we were in for a treat. The gates opened on the Saturday and numbers of people flocked in to see the low and slow rides that hold you up at every speed bump.

About a week before the event launched, news broke out that Cape Stance would be attending with the gracious and lovely Mila, the stunningly bagged Mercedes Benz W115, as well as Rowan Cole’s mean static M3, furthermore Nithaam from Mainstream Crew brought along his killer Bagged RunX. With said cars coming to A State Of Stance we knew they would attract more attention to the show.

A State Of Stance ticked the boxes for most automotive followers, hosting a good selection of VAG, JDM, Classicand Tuner cars.

The show also gave an opportunity for brands to showcase what they produce within the scene such as RGM Motorsport (JHB), Dubcorp (DBN) and CPi (DBN). Wheel suppliers such as Magz4u (DBN) and Hannaford Wheel and Tyre (DBN) also had the opportunity to showcase their selections of Rims and Tyres. A State Of Stance also held another one of Gas Magazines events Dyno Wars.

During the course of the day both Saturday and Sunday, music filled the background with local Dj’s showcasing their talent. Into the evening we saw bigger names such as Deon Govender, Veranda Panda and Roger Goode take over the stage.

After everything had settled on Sunday evening and most stands had packed up, a photo shoot was quickly put together, merging slammed rides from both the west and the east. It was a good thing my car was parked so close otherwise I would have completely missed it.

Ultimately a round of applause is in order for the GAS Magazine Crew, the ASOS Sponsors: Amazing Glaze and Llumar, Audiolite and everyone who played a role in putting together this awesome event! A State Of Stance in my books was a success!

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