Autostyle Motorshow 2014

Photography and Words by Javon Francis

Another year brings Autostyle back to the hallowed parking lot of Gateway. The smell of rubber, the sound of an engine screaming on the dyno and the sight of hundreds of car enthusiasts who wait every year for this annual traditional show n shine. I looked around and it was Car Heaven. The Car Gods were gracious on this day to hold the rain up but instead substituted it with scorching hot weather, but nothing stopped us, nothing will ever stop us.

The Vossen stand had quite a display going on with a Lamborghini Gallardo sitting on a set of Vossen wheels and a paint job that was out of this world. A mix of dark blue graffiti and artistic flare thrown together to create a completely unique Lambo.

Walking around the first thing that caught my eye was a baby blue bug, This thing looked like Herby’s big brother, it was low, it was wide and it had an engine that sounded like it would eat you up if you came too close.

The show delivered some of the crowd favourites from last year with some new additions as well. It might have been hard to take some shots of the cars because of the amount of people walking in front of me but I honestly still had fun.

The show also brought together some car clubs which was good to see and it seems like these clubs are growing every year. The ultimate rides though were the stanced out rides that I saw, Guys are finding new and completely insane ways of getting their car lower and on the ground, forget bags or compressed springs I spotted a few cars with no tyres!!

We have gotten to that stage of getting rid of our tyres just to close the gap between bumper and floor. It looked completely unique and eye catching but did make me wonder how those cars were going to get home that day. The day also brought our sound enthusiasts with some cars boasting completely different custom setups to the usual setups we see. Kicker had their stand with two VW’s and one G5 showing that sound is more important than backseats.

But it wasn’t only the show and shine that was pulling a crowd, the dyno was also getting some action with some high end vehicles putting in some good power but as always some underdog cars giving the high end vehicles some competition. When it was time to judge though I couldn’t help but wonder if the right cars were getting the trophies and after the show I don’t think I was the only one thinking the same thing.

But we’ll leave that up to the guys at Autostyle to figure out. From floor hugging tuners, to ear rumbling engines the Autostyle Car Show brought a variety of car enthusiasts together for one reason…The Love of Cars. Every year something new is brought to the scene, a new trend, a new style and at Autostyle we as car enthusiasts can bring all of this together under one roof. Now all that’s left is to go back to the drawing board and look at what we can bring to next year’s Autostyle.

See you there!

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