Bagged Blizzard

Words & Pics by CJ Levendal

cropped-cropped-watermark4Mahesh Hooka’s Bagged Audi S3

Lately cars here in SA are going lower and lower, the days of air suspension being something for only a select few cars is a thing of the past and this has caused guys to think about their builds a bit more.

This is the second time I had time alone with this car and I can’t say that I have grown used to seeing it. It’s like a fine red wine that just keeps getting better with time. The design on this car is a timeless one with its lines and curves flowing in all the right directions. From a photographers point of view it is definitely a joy to shoot.

11 copyThe last time I shot the car I couldn’t really get much time alone to speak with the ever busy Mahesh, this time was no different; he was even busier than before but made some time for me so I could capture this beauty. He is the owner of Autostyling Port Elizabeth and due to the limited time we decided to shoot the car just there at his workshop.

At first I was not all too keen on the location but as soon as the covers came off and I saw the girl of the hour doing nothing but laying there on the floor my mind was made up for me. I took a few quick test pictures and was quickly convinced that I could shoot this car anywhere and it will make no difference, for the viewer of the pictures will surely only have eyes for this bagged blizzard.

15“This white bagged beauty was the definition of photogenic.”

For some reason with both these shoots I got some of my best work to date, even with the rush that we were in. I then realised that this car was something special. This white bagged beauty was the definition of photogenic, if she was a girl she’d probably be the equivalent of Mila Kunis with that face and not lacking the ass with a little resemblance of Iggy Azelia or Nicky Ninaj, you decide ha-ha.

14 copy

What I’m trying to say is that at every angle and every aspect I was mesmerised and in somewhat of a trance. Not only was this car good looking from the outside but inside as well. The interior of the S3 is designed to make you excited as soon as you set yourself in the chunky Recaro sport seats along with solid plastics and brushed aluminum, that radiate premium quality and class.

5 copy

Subtle S3 and Quattro badges in and around the car as well as front and rear diffusers serve as further reminders that the car was made to get you from one point to another real quick, and in case the badges aren’t convincing enough the stage 1 software and downpipe Mahesh added will cast all doubt from your mind that this S3 can still do what it was made to do.

4 copyFor the Wheel and Tyre combo he went for 19” all white Fifteen52 Tarmacs wrapped in 235/35 Achillies rubber all round giving it nice form overall, this form is completed with Accuair fully digital computer management control air suspension. Mahesh is pretty happy with where the car is at the moment but plans to finish up his boot set-up for his tank and he will add some audio to go with that.

Now as I mentioned in the opening sentence cars are getting bagged left right and centre but the execution and that element of class and authenticity is something you can’t just buy. Now in this case you would wonder why I would say “just bag it” in one of the pictures, well simply because Mahesh and this Audi of his were born to stunt and all he needed was the bags, everything else came naturally. This car and its owner were a match made in Stance/automotive heaven.

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