FullSizeRender copy 3Owned by the team behind the 9th Avenue Bistro, Gina and Graham Neilson have created one of the most unique spaces in DBN. The Boiler Room Cafe is the most simple, quirky and fastest canteen in Durban… Yes I said canteen!

The Boiler Room Cafe is the residential cafe for the offices at the Lion Match Factory. We decided to pay a visit to this surprising find for this edition of Gas Magazine’s foodie feature.

Graham is the refreshing canteens master chef to this most unusual yet playful menu which caters to the cravings that you are too ashamed to admit to.


From bacon, banana and peanut butter toasties to The Boris Becker milkshake, a mashup of tennis biscuits and German ginger cake.

Not forgetting the Wickedly tasty Donuts!

The open plan eatery is perfect for a quick nibble and the relaxing atmosphere, friendly and capable staff really go that extra mile to brighten up your lunch break.


FullSizeRender_1 copy
Artwork by Wesley Van Eeden (Resoborg)

We were quite starved and a nibble wouldn’t do… We all opted for the gourmet burgers…. with a twist of course! Extra bacon, extra cheese, extra sausage, extra, extra ok well you get the idea!

IMG_5880< Harry decided to add a bit of everything to his burger…

So if you’ve got an achin’ for some bacon… be sure to pop into the Boiler Room on your next lunch hour.


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