BUILT, Cannot Be Bought

Words & Pics by Javon Francis

When we hear the words “Golf” and “ABF” we think, 2litre 16V making some front tyre smoke off the line, with a decent amount of power… but what if we take the same engine, throw it into the boot, add a turbo and just to spice things up…make it REAR WHEEL DRIVE?

Well, that’s what a crazy

Zainiac decided to do, and guess what?


From humble beginnings the Citi Golf started out as an economical easy to drive hatch back… “Zainiac” on the other hand, was not looking at an easy to drive economical ride he wanted power with innovation!! He started with 2 ABF motors and whilst loading the engine into his boot at gearbox centre he asked himself

“What if I mount this thing here?”, Zareef, a good friend of his said,” why the **** not???”, and that’s where it all began.

October 2013 the build started.

He first mounted the shocks with a crazy customised chassis and drove it on the freeway to try it out.

Kuben from Tiger Wheel and Tyre together with Marcel Vorster, Imran Vazeer, Ahmed Bassa and Vino from Autotrix, helped him with alignment and the modification of the rear axle and getting the suspension alignment correct just to make it go straight and also the movement of the steering rack and adjusting how the car dips at the rear when launching which is probably one of the most tricky things in this build, apparently they “had a few snags, broke a few shocks and shredded a few tyre walls in the process”…Ouch.


Zainiac also speaks of working really late on the build which we could expect! “sometimes whilst working late with the car I ran short of parts but there was a cool aunty down the road open 24 hours called ‘The Spares Aunty Mooms’

…Aunty Mooms?

Don’t we all wish we had an aunty like that??

Thanks Aunty Mooms!


After tweaking that he dropped in the old faithful ABF motor, 2litre 16valve, and turbo’d that baby up with a super 60 Turbo and used a 5 speed transmission from a TDI.


He kept the stock cams, added lowered compression pistons 9:1, custom built turbo manifold, Excel waste gate, Bosch 700 injectors, Golf 4 fuel rail with 4 bar fuel pressure and current boost at 1 bar… power figures unknown???

Oh Damn guess we will have to wait for the
next Dyno Wars then.

When doing the photo shoot I saw the car for the first time, I looked at this Golf and just smiled because it looked so normal, but in the back of my mind I knew it was far from ‘NORMAL’. When I peeped through the back window for the first time I saw this beautifully embossed logo saying VW DOHC 16V, my eyes opened wider and then Zainiac started it…Man this thing sounded like a beast. It had that low rev spool with a dump that would make you cry because it sounded so beautiful. Its every VW fan’s dream build and this guy did it!

In total it took him 10 months to build whilst working on the car 2 days a week. Zainiac services VW’s and Audi’s as his occupation and says modification to cars was just by the way but it became a part of his work. I mean how could you refuse modifications as a mechanic Zainiac? Can’t refuse that.  Zainiac says almost everything he did was to promote togetherness in the motorsport and modification industry. And I think we should take that as food for thought and support him on his next Breakfast Run!

I think that’s a good idea.

I asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.

So Zainiac what now? You have a rear wheel drive Golf with a classic engine in the back what more do you want to do?

“4 wheel drive by the end of the year running ethanol” I honestly couldn’t believe he said that, I can see a second engine coming along for that front engine bay…

What is your favourite modification on the car and why?

“That would have to be the Turbo! Just listen to it!”

To be honest when I heard this car ripping past me on the way to the photo shoot I would have to say that turbo is my favourite mod too, and at low rev, the sound of that spool is like Beethoven’s classic…on steroids!! It just sounds insanely beautiful.


What made you buy this Golf in the first place?

“ I always loved VW as a brand and when I was younger all I wanted was a green Chico because it was so famous. Then when I got it, I started fiddling because it was so slow, I started from a 1300 to a 1.9 with cams and downdraft (36DCD Carb)”.


Zainiac if you could drive this car anywhere in the world where would you drive it?
“ Nurbergring and locally… Quarry Road (insert mischief laugh)”

Are You Racing at all? …     “ Legal Drags Only”

When talking to Zainiac its clear his biggest inspiration was his Dad, and for me that says a lot about him, Zainiac says: “My dad always told me to further my knowledge, to help myself and others. Anyone in need of some advice or even a fan belt change! And a vitally important part of the build was my family’s input, always asking if I need a hand or just some hot tea. What more could I ask for?” Against all odds and comments Zainiac still showed people his ability and made a machine that everyone will remember. A Citi Golf Sport shell, with a 2litre 16 Valve engine Turbo’d and made it rear wheel drive. This should be inspiration for us all! From the crafting of his chassis to the building of the Engine Zainiac created quite a master piece and the best part is…he isn’t finished yet.

His list of thanks go out to: Andre Powerflow Durban, Gearbox Centre Imports, Goldwagen Springfield, CV911, Nazir’s Brake and Clutch, Autotrix, Speedshop, OX, Mc Culleys Panel Shop in Verulam, Spare’s Aunty Mooms, Global Tuning, Atlas Hydraulics, Just Mag, Eco Tyres, Chronical Graphics, Pat Reddy, Golf City and most of all his family for their support and especially his brothers Jingles, Ahmed Seedat, Mo(Crazy) and Mo-Aqeel.

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