Cars In The Park 2013

A day filled with cars from in and around South Africa awaited team Gas Magazine as we headed up to Pietermaritzburg for the annual “Cars In The Park” show. There was an icy chill in the air as we made our way to Alexandra Park to what looked like over 1000 vehicles. First up were the super bikes lined up outside the ticket booth, judging from those mean machines, we knew that this years show was going to be epic.

Young and old queued to take photos with their favorite vehicles and by the looks of the amount of cars this year; they were most definitely spoiled for choice.

most definitely spoiled for choice

Old school Mustangs, Volkswagen Beetles and V8 Chevrolet pickups stood in mint condition as the crowds looked on in awe. The owners of these stunning vehicles were more than ready to answer the questions of passer-bys but to our surprise it was the children who were asking most the questions.

Dreams of owning one or two of these beauties were starting to grow in their budding minds. From old school to new school we then entered the Cricket Oval. From Alfa Romeo, Porsche to Shelby GT500 were all on display, catching the eyes of the dads looking for possibly, their next Fathers Day gift.

We soon found some refreshments and sat down to a quick snack before exploring the second half of the ground. We bumped into few familiar faces along the way one of which being our favourite Purple AC Cobra and her owner Sharyn.

By the end of the day we had seen a good couple of cars that were most definitely going to be attending our “State of Stance” Show and Shine competition. All in all it was a trip to remember…
But more importantly it proved to us that at GAS MAGAZINE the sky is definitely not the limit!

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