The years leading up to the 60’s must have been very interesting for automotive manufactures, especially Mercedes Benz. World War II ended a just over a decade prior to the making of these two beauties you see above, and the company had to build up after basically being hijacked by political agendas. Some of the best looking cars came from this era.

Words by Shaun Thorndike / Photography by MS Photo

The other benz is Cristiano’s boets, and is basically a daily for Hugo. I have often seen him traveling the N2 from Ballito to Durban which is exactly what a golden oldie like this should be doing.

They shouldn’t be kept in garages and used once a month, they should be shared, and Hugo has shared 16000km of sheer driving pleasure (lol) with the world in just 4 months.

There are not many around and definitely not in such good nick. Hugo’s benz is a W111 1967 230s, this was the flagship of the Mercedes mid range sedans. It too, has an inline 6 cylinder twin carb motor, but with small step up to 120hp from the 2.3 liter. I was so impressed with the body work of his benz.



No dents, no scratches and no warped or rippled paint. He has left everything pretty stock including the suspension. Which I think needs a little changing. It would look so badass slammed to the ground with a little tuck thrown in the mix.

If there is anything I like more cars, its old cars. So imagine my excitement when I rock up to the location and I get greeted with two of the most elegant W111’s I have ever seen. Newly restored and in pretty much perfect condition.


“So much effort has been put into these old girls that even opening the door works like it came out the factory yesterday. “



What is even more special about the MBZ’s is that the owners are brothers. They aren’t some old timers trying to reminisce the good ‘ol days either, which makes seeing two young dudes in an old merc so damn cool. Their dad got hold of a late model merc and enticed Cristiano and Hugo to look for their own.

Cristiano is a very well known and successful South African racing driver competing in a variety of motorsport from carting to F3. He has his springbok colours in Motorsport and was the test driver for the A1 series for South Africa back in 2009 for a few races.



The Grey one is his recently restored Benz. It is a 1961 Fin-tail 220S (Heckflosse). It has had a bit of work done to it but Cristiano wanted to keep everything as original as possible. He tracked down the original paint code and replaced anything that was in need of replacing with original parts. Some low was brought into the mix with some added rack to give the old girl a little attitude.

A very cool added feature is some modern stealthy sound installation with blue teeth to keep him entertained. The ’61 fin-tail gets its looks from the American Californian style that was so popular in the ’60s and the actual fin-tails were designed to assist drivers in parking.

The ’61 still has the completely original 6 cylinder 2.2 liter twin carb motor which produced a wopping 110hp with a top speed of 160km/h and a 0-100km/h of a blistering 15sec!! Cristiano sometimes battles to keep it on the straight and narrow, even with all his experience.

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