Pics & Words by Thashen Naidoo

DSC02791 copyThere’s nothing like that feeling when you wake up super early. No, no, I’m not referring to that stomach twisting-insides churning feeling when you set your alarm a few hours too early and are forced to pull yourself out of the ever comfortable bedding sandwich that you were in, no not that. I’m talking car show morning, where your brain sends a message to the rest of your body telling it to get the hell up! That excitement powers you out of bed, ready to attack the day, that is exactly how I felt the morning I got up bright and early to shoot the pair of CPi Golf R’s.

Waiting patiently outside the shop promptly at 07:30 for the owner, Preshen to arrive and anxiously awaiting the duo of R’s my tummy lets me know that it requires some attention, off to the nearest Engen we go, one mutton curry pie and Redbull later we’re back at CPi. As we wait the, mechanics start to arrive, most of them from Zimbabwe it would appear. They open the shop and start to go about the daily duties of a tuning shop. Its now 8:15 and we’re still awaiting the arrival of the cavalry.

DSC02786 copyAt 9:10 sharp, Preshen arrives, to my dismay its not in one of the cars that were scheduled for the shoot today. After some phone calls, he lets me know that the cars should be arriving shortly. This allowed me some time to have a look around the shop. Not much to see, some car lifters and shelving on one side, and the front corner or the building serves as an office. The walls have been adorned with hand painted logos of the cars that can be modified by the shop.

DSC02900So the Golf 6R arrives! Wait, it looks like it just came off a WRC stage, muddy and not on form, this isn’t ready to be shot surely? Off the car goes to a carwash. The sun rises slightly higher into the sky.

I wait.

When it is abundantly clear that the Golf 7R will not be available for the arranged shoot, a Golf 5 GTi with a K04 turbocharger is offered, unsatisfied, I accept. The shoot must go on! Of course the Golf also needs a wash!

I wait.

DSC02784 copyThe Golf 6 is back looking much better, the weaves in the bonnet now proudly bouncing of the warm midday sun. Next up comes the Gti, let’s get this show on the road! I jump into the R to get a feel what must be brutal acceleration that would come from a high-powered 4WD. It fails to start. The techies are called in to diagnose the problem, quite fortunate that we’re right outside CPi. Reliability seemed to not be high on the priorities for this build.

I wait.

So the guys could not find a reason for the car to not start. The spark plugs are checked, laptops are brought in. They couldn’t give me an estimate for how long the fix would take, so I decided to leave. As I drove away a call came through to say that the car had started, no reason was given. I didn’t care! Shoot commences.

Off we drove to Modderfontein where a peaceful park awaited us. The acceleration in the R unfortunately could not be ascertained, as the kind gentleman who offered to drive it was not too keen to floor it in case it decided to go poof again. The car certainly looks the part with what could be either a carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastic bonnet. Other than that the exterior is stock. Upon arrival, the owner did offer to have his other mags fitted, but fearing more waiting I recommended against it.

DSC02772 copy

The K04’d Gti however had some visual modifications, including laminex’d lights, a debadged grill, various pink accents along with Elegant Styling mags and an R32 rear end. Add to the mix was a very cool looking GReddy boost controller.

Thanks to the guys at CPi for their time, and hopefully next time we can get the show on the proverbial road earlier!

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