Dj Dash is the name you may know him as but off the decks his known to family and friends as Thulani Mzinyane. It all started back in 1995 when Thulani watched New Jack City and fell in love with hip-hop culture.

With having the passion for hip hop music instilled within him, Dj Dash started hitting the decks in 2009 which led to him landing his first residency at Dela Sol in 2011 and today is one of the resident Deejay’s at Origin nightclub in Durban.

With everything in life, giving back to the community is something we should all take responsibility in doing, In 2012 the initiative “FEED A CHILD FEED A NATION” was setup by Dj Dash after seeing the number of children in townships suffering due to malnutrition and lack to healthy meals. The aim is to help children who came from disadvantaged homes with basic consumable items that we take for granted and to achieve this Dj Dash hosts events in and around Durban off which all proceedings go towards to purchasing food parcels. The initiative has reached over 500 children thus far but Dj Dash has a dream of expanding much more and possibly into different provinces.

Thank you for this opportunity to let our readers learn a bit more about you. Tell us when did you develop an interest in music beyond appreciating it as a listener? When I was 15 and I bought myself Nelly’s, Nellyville album and I use to be a huge fan of N’SYNC that was like back in the early 2000’s. I also used to beatbox, that I was another thing that drew me more into music.

What would you say are your main challenges as a performer? It’s mostly promoters not paying on time and having to call them for to ask for service rendered.

What is it about rapping and songwriting, compared to, say, producing that makes it interesting for you? Seeing people dance to a song you helped produce and people giving you props for the work you do. That feeling you get when your song is played on radio.

I know you are all for promoting the local music scene, tell us about your contribution to promoting local talent and events? I’ve released a hip hop mixtape back in 2010 and I featured Durban rappers and I’m also working on 2 EP’s. One will be a hip hop EP and another will be trap and twerk music. Most of the artists will be from around Durban and around the country. I’m also co-owner of Bass City Events, we host events around Durban and we book Durban DJ’s and performers. We just want to expand to other cities around the country.

We love your campaign “Feed a Child Feed a Nation”, please tell our readers a bit more of this initiative. It was established back in 2012, I just thought to myself “Why feel sorry for these kids when you can actually do something.” I just spoke to a couple of doctors to donate food and I started small with one school and now I’m proud to say we host an annual event called “FACFAN” where we ask DJ’s around Durban to DJ for free and the money we make, we use to buy food parcels. This year 100 kids from two schools around Clermont township were given food parcels. I ask more people to help where they can.

Apart from performing, what are your other interests? Property is my other passion, I’m actually a qualified real estate agent and next year I’m doing my auctioneering course and will start investing in property.

What or whom would you say are your musical influences? I have a lot hey, J. Dilla, Q-tip, Erykah Badu, Pete Rock, Kev Brown, Jill Scott, Nina Simone…there’s soooo many to mention.

Who are your top 5 local artists at the moment? This is a tough one but I have to say AKA, Lexi-kon, KO, Gold Fish, Desmond & the TUTUs

Who would be the international artist you would choose to collaborate / perform live with this year? I would love to work with Justin Bieber, I just like he’s growth musically.


Of all the places / concerts you have toured, which can you say has been the highlight of your career? Last month I played at GROM Events and it’s an under 18 gig. Wow that crowd was amazing, I mean you never think that high school kids can party like that.

Artists such as Black Coffee have taken the international music scene by storm, how soon do you think you will take your act international? My goal is to be international in the next 3 years. I want to give the world something different, show them what this country has to offer.

We got to ask, what would your dream car be? A 1960 Mercedes Benz 300SL. I think that car is just perfection. It’s timeless.


Any pearls of wisdom to our aspiring local artists? Work hard and you must always know that nothing in life comes easy, so just keep going.


What is next for DJ Dash? I’m currently working on a song for Feed a child Feed a Nation initiave and also a music video. People must look out for a trap song I just released produced by Wes My Meds which features Kingslay called SLAY MOVE. My new label called Distructive Music, where all my music will be released under my own label.

How can our readers get hold of your tracks and any news on a album release? Facebook: Thulani Djdash Mzinyane, Twitter: TeamDjDash

Is was great meeting you at last years A State of Stance SA and watching you play LIVE! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you, any shout outs or special thanks? A big shout to my brother Sibu Sishi, all my cousins my friends Xolani Dlamini, Siya Dladla. Thanks guys for an awesome magazine.

With a dream as huge as that, which better partner to join forces with than CMH Volvo Umhlanga who were extremely excited to work together with Dj Dash on his initiative.

We caught up with Lisa-Marie Pretorius who is the Customer Liaison Officer at CMH Volvo Umhlanga together with Dj Dash at their dealership and had a bit of fun with the all-new Volvo XC90.

Volvo have really thought of everything when it came to designing this vehicle like soft leather, grainy wood finish on the dash and door trimmings, Unique details such as crystal gearshift lever and ventilated front seats with massage functions and a four-way lumbar support.

Having sat in this beautifully designed vehicle for the first time, one feels a sense of harmony, safety and luxury.

Starting from a price range of R804000.00, the vehicle comes in 4 variants namely the Designers Choice, Momentum, Inscription and R-Design, you have a choice between Petrol, Diesel or Petrol Plug-in Hybrid of which all come in a 2litre engine capacity.


The XC90 comes equipped 8-SPEED Transmission namely Geartronic, which is a responsive automatic that can instantly be switched to manual mode when you need it, helping you handle both tough conditions and towing. Safety has always Volvo’s main focus and with the all the new XC90 we see a system called “IntelliSafe” makes its way to us. The vehicle is equipped to mitigate collisions with other cars or even pedestrians on the road. One of the world’s first features includes braking at an intersection with no assistance from the driver at all. Should you turn onto the oncoming lane the vehicle will brake automatically to mitigate an accident or prevent it all together.


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