It was that time of year again, Dragwars 2015! Bringing together some of the best ear throbbing, heart racing machines to the infamous Tarlton International Raceway. I have to say something though, Jozi knows how to bring it! I mean I have never seen so many Skylines in one place since our Gas Motorshow. And they were owning it! I called it Sukairain tengoku (Skyline Heaven in Japanese).

The crowd was out in their numbers and together with the race cars lining up behind the start line it felt like home. Brought me back to my days at back stretch in Durban. That smell of rubber and walking down where all the race cars were parked it was just all too much.

The GP plates owned the place but guess who rocked up turbo’s blazing. Our very own Durban boys, I was proud to see our guys from Durban up for the event, showing the GP guys what we got. The sun didn’t help make it easy for us though. The day seemed like it would melt rubber on it’s own with the sun giving us that Indian navy tan we all hate.

The cars were feeling it too with some of the guys sticking ice packs on their engines to keep it cool. Ofcourse the heat wouldn’t stop us from racing. I think I saw almost every tuning company out there from the CPI, Revo and FR&R members to the guys from down the road who plug stuff in their ECU to see what happens. It was fun those guys from down the road showed some real talent.

And then there was one of my highlights. A top fuel dragster right before my eyes. Speed and Sound decided to roll up in their ear melting godzilla of a drag car. When they brought it on track for some reason I “lost” my hotdog and went straight for my camera.

Listening to this thing burn rubber on the start line was like listening to an orchestra of pistons playing some kind of karma sutra/ACDC style music. I was in love. I felt like a kid who found his mother after getting lost in the mall.

So anyway she launched off the start line, tyres twisting, nose in the air, throttles fully opened and before I knew it.

She was over the line posting something like 7 seconds. Which tore me apart.

The races were awesome though, I saw everything from your crazy worked APR TT RS which sounded so sweet to your Golf R’s going up against Skylines and don’t laugh, these guys were not racing for fun those VAG cars had some serious HP down under which is what made the races worth watching.

The event was brilliant it brought me back to my days “watching” the guys dice in Durban. Everything from Skylines, Mazda’s and American Muscle to A LOT of VAG cars obviously because it was a VAG event (for those of you who did not know). And believe me the organisers did a brilliant job of putting this event together.

The Vag cars that came out to race were top quality race cars. It was not the type of event that had you bored because it was another Golf with a cone filter rolling up to the line. These were VAG cars who had their engines fully mapped and ready to make some serious times on the strip.

So I thank the sponsors and I want to send a big shout out and thank you to VAG Motorsport/APR South Africa/TMSS/McCarthy VW Arcadia/Designlab/Carbon Doctor and Plastidip Centurion you guys made this event one of the best drag events I have ever been to and you will most definitely see me soon.

So I shall see you next year at Dragwars 2016!

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