Durban Bunny

Words: Deshni // Pics: MS Photo

Durban Bunny. Practically Perfect.

In continuous production since 1974, the Golf was one of the first widely successful front-wheel drive hatchbacks. Like its predecessor the Volkswagen Beetle, the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 has proven to be influential. This 1979 Golf Mk1, nicknamed “Durban Bunny” is proof that a true VW fanatic knows the key to any vehicles true beauty is in originality.

Owner, Nishendren Naidu says this bunny is as original as it gets “The only way anyone can get a car as clean and awesome as this is if they buy mine or download a pic.”

From humble beginnings, Nishen’s first car was a 1966 Cortina. His dream is to drive a 8 second ¼ mile Mk1. We’d say with a few more tweaks, he is well on his way to living out this dream sooner than he thought.

What’s your favourite mod?

“Its definitely the suspension because I was afraid of heights.”

Nishen is a lover of German made vehicles. He follows euro cars overseas and always wanted to bring something to SA that was different. His favourite modification thus far is the suspension. He plans to work on the air suspension and a few tweaks under the hood.

“I always wanted to bring something to SA that was different”

Besides the good looks, this MK1 also competes in various competitions in and around KZN. Nishen is part of a VW forum and Vdub crew who regularly cruise to show and shine competitions, dyno days and legal drag racing events.


Custom made roof rack, Original Volkswagen 13 inch rims: Widened with white wall tyres, Coil Overs, Camber Settings adjusted, Euro spec tail piece & Louvers…

“The only way anyone can get a car as clean and awesome as this is if they buy mine”


Mk1 (pronounced “mark one”) is a British moniker meaning “version” (referring to the car’s body style) given to the first generation Golf/Rabbit convertible. All 1979 – 1993 Golf / Rabbit convertibles are Mk1s. The 1988 – 1993 Cabriolets are usually referred to as “Mk1 Clippers” to distinguish the later models.


Predecessor   Volkswagen Beetle

Successor       Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Mk I: 1977 – 1984

1.6-litre 110 PS

1977 – first UK registration

1979 – first right-hand drive cars go on sale

Total UK Mk I GTI sales: 19,518

 Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro designed the VW Golf 1. Other vehicles he put his mark on in the Volkswagen range were the; Golf/Rabbit (1974), Jetta/Atlantic (1979), Passat/Dasher (1973), Scirocco (1974) and the W12 Coupe & Roadster (1997). In addition to cars, Giugiaro has designed camera bodies for Nikon and computer prototypes for Apple.

*Nishen wishes to extend his thanks to all his friends, family and especially to his sponsors DNS Electrical.

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