Dyno Wars 2017 – A spectacle of horsepower.

Words and Photos by Sashen Govender

Dyno Wars 2017 – the largest Dyno event in the World took place on 2 December 2017 and while petrol heads made their way down to their nearest location to be part of the event, the Gas Magazine crew attended AE Performance in Springfield Park, Durban to enjoy the spectacle.

CPI Performance Australia kicked off the event due to the 9 hour time difference (starting  in the early hours of the morning – South African time). While I was still busy dreaming of Mila and her Kunis and our 3 little beagles, Azgar Khan from Sydney Australia started posting images and videos into our WhatsApp group – amazing sites to gaze upon coming from Down Under.

Fast forward to a few hours later, we got up, got ready and headed to AE Performance for what would turn out to be an awesome day. The day got off to a slow start with people still recovering from their “Friday night shenanigans”, we did have a few odd vehicle runs from some early birds that wanted to beat the crowd and probably regretted leaving early after viewing our coverage below.

Around 5pm the venue started filling up with more cars, more people and more horsepower! Our MC for the evening, Desmond kept the crowd entertained with games like musical chairs (I know right, would you ever have guessed this could happen at a Dyno Event) and a dance competition for kids. Karen’s sexy GT-R racked in the highest HP for the day with 724 kW on the board. The crowd grew as the sun buried itself into the horizon with people surrounding the Dyno and enjoying high revving sounds and roars of the cars’ engines as Shawn Moodley kept pushing each vehicle to produce it’s highest possible HP.

Aerial shot by Streamline.

As we trickled into the early hours of Sunday morning and the crowd started to shrink and the staff of AE Performance and Gas Magazine got ready for trophy presentation only to present to about 10 people (..and the crowd goes wild! Not really). We ended up shutting down the event and leaving for home at around 3am – drawing only one conclusion… Dyno Wars 2017 was Epic! Enough of the blabbering now, enjoy the show coverage below.

See, I told you that you would regret leaving early.

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