East Coast RC Drift Crew

Words By Haneef Sulaiman  A.K.A Bob Rock

rc1Who is the East Coast RC Drift crew?
What’s RC drifting?
In fact what’s RC?

That’s one of the many questions we get asked when people see us at car shows and events. WHO we are we..we are a small and ever growing group of passionate RC Drifting enthusiasts who came together to grow the hobby and sport of RC Drifting.

What’s RC Drifting is essentially the same thing is 1:1 scaled drifting… much like the local Supadrift Series only with us everything is scaled down to 1:10 of the real cars.  RC is an abbreviation for Radio Control.


I have always had a love for RC cars and racing and drifting as well. After doing a bit of research and purchasing my very own RC car I went in search of more enthusiasts and found that RC Drifting is quite big in Cape Town, Johannesburg and even bigger internationally. Sadly Durban was sorely lacking with RC Drifting, in fact there was NO RC Drift club or crew until myself and my co-founder got together to create the East Coast RC Drift Crew.

We met on a web forum intended to bring all of the radio controlled racers and drifters together and goes by the name of Oneten. We exchanged a few messages and met up and after speaking and realising that we both shared the same ideas, formed the crew.

We started of very small with just 4 of us and with the generosity of Hobbytech and Gas Magazine, we were able to launch our crew at the State of Stance SA show at the Pavillion earlier this year. We had a great interest from the public because we bring something that’s really non-existent in Durban.

Following this successful show, we hooked up with Genser SA who hosts the regular car shows round the year, via G-Force Tyres. We were generously given a permanent feature in all of the Genser SA Car shows namely, the Pinecrest Auto show the Springfest Autoshow at Builders Warehouse etc… Since then we have grown, got our own Facebook page and currently working on our own website, and now in search of a venue to permanently host us. This will enable us to build our very own RC drift track, begin a league as well as to host the National Championships.

We already have the support of both Jo’burg and Cape Town and they are quite eager to bring the nationals to Durban. Most recently we were featured in an International RC magazine called Radio Racecar International Magazine so we are definitely getting out there.

Our aim and objective is to make the East Coast RC Drift Crew the biggest RC drift crew in South Africa as well as establishing ourselves as the ultimate RC Drift Crew in Durban. We are always scouting for new talent as well as seeking to partner with companies and individuals in the automotive and Supadrift series to promote ourselves and the companies too.

We crew members are very passionate about the RC drifting and their cars and some of us a building a nice collection of body shells. These are interchangeable and can also be amazingly scaled right down to the finest detail. My co-founder himself is busy with his own personal scaled garage project which really has to be seen to be appreciated.

So, from the time we have established ourselves to this current time, we have improved so much and slowly made waves in Durban but soon we going to be hitting Durban like a tsunami and everyone’s going to know who we are!!! If anyone is keen join us or partner with us and be part of the newest sensation in Durban please contact me via our Facebook and we will be more than happy to accommodate you!

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