I have to admit something. Something that as a VAG lover doesn’t come easy… (I see all you dirty minded folk sniggering!!)

It has been sitting at the back of my mind for quite some time and as much as I try and deny it, I know that deep down it’s true. I can’t exactly say when or how it started, but I think it’s time I just come out and say it!!


But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a queen about it. I don’t dig the flashy paintwork and massive wings. I still prefer the OEM styling that the European and American VAG counterparts practice. Good stance, subtle style changes and that clean simple is more approach! That is pretty much summed up in this little beaut of a Toyota 86.

I met up with Prenolin on what just happened to be, international #86day. A day to celebrate the heritage of everything the HACHIROKU brand stands for.

From the old school (AND OH SO COOL) AE86 to the latest Toyota/Subaru offering! I kind of felt a part of something far bigger the just a photo shoot.

A part of a world gathering of sort, a part of all the enthusiasts out there, even though I was just some tool with a camera in a deserted street.

I must admit that it was a fluke to plan the shoot on such a historic day, and what got me even more excited was being able to share some of my images with the rest of the world.

Even got a couple thumbs up from Scion Canada (insert thumbs here)…

Ok enough of the bragging boots and back to the 86.


The first thing you will notice is the TRD body kit, and Subaru BRZ wing. Again, not that in your face style, but a very clean and unobtrusive look. No huge wing at the rear and no sh*tty decals.

Who needs to add sticker power anyway, when you have the real deal sucking and blowing under the pretty Seibon Carbon fiber hood!

This 86 is fitted with a full blown motorsport turbo kit (Garret GT2871R turbo running on 0.5 bar boost), turbo manifold, 76mm downpipe, 76mm exhaust system, 50mm precision wastegate, 50mm tial blow off valve, oil cooler kit, titanium turbo blanket, Kakumei front strut brace. Turbo Kit was installed and tuned by Steve Clark from No Sweat Racing.

Quite an impressive list of mods!

With all that brute force the next obvious step is the handling, which is taken care of with a fully adjustable coilovers.

Prenolin opted for ISC Coilovers, which handles like it’s on rails! Just needs a tad more low for my liking.  This all sits on 18” Cosmis Racing Forged Wheels wrapped in 225/40/18 Yoko R1 rubber.

All this put to a halt courtesy of some big fancy disk and pads. Powerbrake slotted rotors & EBC yellow stuff race pads to be precise.

The cockpit is fairly stock with an addition of a Kenwood Double Din touchscreen, GPS and Reverse camera as well as a Prosport Boost Gauge.

Future plans include adding a flex fuel kit to run ethanol to increase boost and upgrade software, which will increase the power considerably.

This kit is capable of making a maximum of 440hp. Also, a bigger brake kit and some minor exterior modifications.

Prenolin is a die hard JDM fan which shows in the dedication and meticulous attention to detail in what he has put together. The 86 is a great base to work with and Prenolin just made it that much better. He already started collecting parts before he even purchased his 86 and had a clear idea of what he wanted out of this project from the countless hours spent on Ft86 Club Forum.

Everyone knows the rave about the incredible chassis this machine has and all of us in Motorhead Land thank God for Prenolin’s decision to charge the sh*t outa this beast!

Special thanks goes out the Steve Clark from No Sweat Racing. He is a legend when it comes to tuning the Japanese brand and has been instrumental in getting this 86 to where it is!


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