Durban’s Marvelous Light


Majozi is a proudly South African musician who has recently emerged onto the scene from the coastal city of Durban. At the age of thirteen, he started to teach himself guitar, which eventually led to him studying a foundation course in jazz and popular music at the University of KwaZulu Natal. He describes his music as being Indie-folk with subtle influences of electro and attributes his faith as one of his musical inspirations. In 2013, he released his Girst EP, Marvelous Light, which was recorded and produced by Warren Meyer of Doppler Studios. The album made it to no.9 overall on the South African iTunes chart and no.1 in the singer/songwriter category. Following the online success and popularity of the EP, his single, The River, was play-listed on 5FM, Kfm and other radio stations across the country. The infectious beat and meaningful lyrics have fans singing along with gusto at all the gigs he has been landing. Over the past year, Majozi has been steadily climbing the South African music ladder, getting the opportunity to open for Matthew Mole, Gangs of Ballet, Zebra and Giraffe, Mango Groove and international artist, Yoav.

When did you develop an interest in music beyond appreciating it as a listener? When I started playing guitar at 13. I really started falling in love with music and it helped me to appreciate it more and more.

Can you tell us about your rise to fame after releasing Marvelous Light?  Ha ha I dunno about a rise to fame, but the journey has been amazing. I’ve played some awesome shows around the country and opened for the best local bands and international bands. Plus I’ve worked with some of the best producers and writers in the country. It’s been awesome.

How do you keep your tracks fresh and relevant? I love experimenting and listening to different music, so I guess in a way that keeps my tracks fresh.

What are currently your main challenges as a performer? Confidence. I still get massive butterflies before I perform and meet people, but I go for it anyways and pray for the best.

What is it about singing, compared to, say, writing your own music that makes it interesting for you? Singing doesn’t always have to be the same, you can always sing different lines in a different way to how you record it on a track, thus given a unique performance at every show.

Any pearls of wisdom to our aspiring local artists?
Be humble, practice hard and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What is it like performing live? It’s an awesome feeling, especially if you can feed off the crowds’ energy.
I get nervous to it because sometimes mistakes are made on stage, but for the most part it’s the most fun thing I do.

Apart from singing, what are your other interests? I love movies and going out to eat.

What or whom would you say is your musical influences? Johnny Cash, Shakey Graves, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Jesus.
If you could collaborate with any performing artist, living or dead, who would it be? Johhnny Cash. That would be epic!

Who are your top 5 local artists at the moment? Beatenberg, Monark, Gangs of Ballet, Matthew Mole, Mickey Burnes

Of all the places / concerts you have toured, which can you say has been the highlight of your career? Opening for the Lumineers at Emmerantia  Dam. It was by far the biggest crowd, I’ve ever played in front off, and the best we’ve ever performed. It was a special moment.

Can you tell us a bit more about you’re your track “The River” and the concept behind the music video?  The video follows the story about the man in the 1st verse who has lost everything. In the video he has flashbacks of times when he was happier with his daughter, at the end of the video he is re-united with his daughter at my concert. We shoot the video in my resident town of Salt Rock, where I live, and all the extras where friends and friends of friends, so it was a lot of fun.

We got to ask, what would your dream car be? Ha ha good question. I guess a dodge charger.

How can our readers get hold of your tracks? They can check out my new EP here: or please check out

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you, any shout outs or special thanks? Thanks you so much for the interview. Thank to all my fans, friends and God for keeping me in check and showing me so much love. All the best to you guys.  Stay Classy.

Interviewed by Deshni

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