Wolf Among Us

Pics & Words by Jarryd Watson

There’s nothing sheepish about this GALLARDO

The day finally arrived, I had finally got the chance to photograph an exotic supercar. The childhood bedroom poster, the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Certainly not the most insane Lamborghini on the market but definitely one of the sexiest cars on the street, a real wolf amongst sheep. The location for this shoot was The Pearls in Umhlanga Rocks, probably one of the best places to photograph this Italian machine.

The Pearls definitely has an essence of Malibu about it and with the car parked out front, you really feel as if you are actually in Malibu. While deciding on where to place the car for the shoot, I couldn’t help but stop, stare and take in all the beauty this car has to offer.


5-litre V10
500 HP (368kw) at 7800 rpm
510 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm
6 speed sequential “e-gear” gearbox
paddle shift
Fuel consumption = 29.1l/100km
0-100km/h in 4.2s
0-200km/h in 14.2s
¼ mile in 12.4s @ 190km/h
Top speed 309km/h

After The Pearls we headed off to Julian’s shop. Julian is the owner of HMT exotic Wheels in Umhlanga; you should definitely go check out his shop, even if you can only afford to browse. But in all seriousness his shop is top class, with some amazing wheels in stock.

Julian is the man responsible for the fitment of the 20inch T402 “Elegant” custom wheels from HMT Exotic rolling on 245/30/20 fronts and 325/25/20 rears that perfectly finish off the Gallardo.

The interior of the car is a really nice place to be, sitting behind the wheel you are greeted with the Lamborghini bull and either side of the steering wheel you have the paddle shifts for those quick gear changes. In the center of the cockpit you have 3 gauges for temperatures and pressures and below that a lovely neat display with a selection of switches one of them being a ESP switch, in case you feel like being the Stig for a while, but with 500+ hp you better leave it on or you are going to make friends with a tree real soon.

The Gallardo as we know is a mid-engine car and when you open the rear engine cover you are greeted with an incredible all aluminum 5-litre v10, generating 500hp with 510 Nm of torque. This car has a drive by wire throttle system meaning no cables, all electronic. The power is sent to all 4 wheels by a Lamborghini Viscous traction system which regulates power accordingly, 30% front 70 % at the rear. The car has a 6 speed “e-gear” sequential box in which you use the paddles either side of the steering wheel to change gear.

Now let me give you some performance figures….0-100 km/h in 4.2s, top speed 309km/h blah blah blah. We’ve all heard about these figures on Top Gear. Let’s be honest, most people don’t buy these cars for the insane top speed or how well it can corner, they buy them for the way they look and the way the make you feel. At the end of the day it’s just a status symbol, but a frikken awesome status symbol I might add.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who buy these cars for their insane performance figures and who actually drive the car how it should be driven,
but not many unfortunately.

After spending some time at HMT wheels, we decided to finish the shoot with some rolling shots of the car. Honestly my favorite part of any shoot, because you get to see the car in all its glory, this also gave me a chance to shoot some video as well. This car has such a striking appearance on the road, with its black and yellow color scheme, just cruising alongside the camera car.

After we wrapped the shoot, I got a chance to reflect on how awesome of a day it was and I’d like to send a big thank you to Julian and Priven for making this happen.

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