Jarryd Watson


Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.04.16 AMWhat was the inspiration behind “Kabang Media”?
Kabang media was started by myself and a good friend of mine, Jono Swart sometime last year, basically just to film and photograph different lifestyles, the main one being the car scene. We also enjoy making short films of places and scenery with a cinematic feel. We just do it for the fun of it and the chance to go out on adventures exploring different places.


Where did you study/develop your skillset?
I’d have to say I acquired my skillset from just trial and error. Google and YouTube helped out a little as well LOL!

DSC_3171 - CopyTell us something about your creative influences.
To be honest I can’t really pin point what influences me creatively, I just do what I do, and enjoy it.

What would you say was your favourite vehicle/event to shoot and why?
My favorite vehicle that I’ve photographed would be Eric Van Eyessen’s Chevy SS Lumina drift car, although it’s still a work in progress I’ve been following the car from before it was made into a drift car, and I’ve been helping a little with the build, where I can. I filmed a couple of videos of the car as well which are on Kabang Media’s Vimeo Channel. That car is an absolute beast, 700 +hp at the wheels, naturally aspirated, striped out, caged and a lot more mods done to get the car to full drift spec. A real race car. My favorite event was A State of Stance SA, the vibe, the cars and chilling with mates was awesome, especially getting to photograph Mila.

DSC_7316What are your thoughts about the current automotive photography scene in SA versus overseas?
Honestly, the scene overseas is on another level, but I have seen some people in SA with world-class photo photographs. We are progressing slowly but at least there’s progress. There only seems to be a hand full of really talented photographers in the car scene. Personally I think people just need to go online and see and learn how the top guys overseas do it, and practice, practice, practice.

DSC_7245_1What are you currently working on?
Currently, well always actually, I am producing new content for Kabang Media.


What is your favorite aspect of your job?
I’d have to say working on the edits, because that’s when the photograph comes alive and when I’m editing videos, you have a chance to create something one of a kind, you can tell a story with the video and that’s what I try to achieve.

What has been your favourite yet challenging photoshoot/videoshoot thus far and why?
My favorite shoot has to be Jitesh’s RunX, the location the vibe and car were perfect, really enjoyed it. It was a little challenging because the sun was so harsh all day, but at least there was sun and not overcast like it normally is here in Durban.

When you’re not behind the lens, what would we find  Jarryd doing?
When I’m not behind the lens, I’m usually chilling with friends, or I go off-road riding with a mate, other than that photography is my passion and hobby and I usually take my camera everywhere I go.  You never know what car you might see when you out on a drive.

DSC_1809-Exposure11“You don’t need the best equipment to get a great photo, you just need vision.”

Do you prefer working alone or collaborating with others?
Alone, it’s just my preference, I can be a bit stubborn sometimes and like things done a certain way, I find it difficult sometimes to explain my ideas to someone, so I rather just do it myself, I can only work with people who have similar influences and styles.

Are there any particular artists whose creative style has inspired or influenced you?
Yes, two in particular, Andrew Ritter from Stance Works and Mike Koziel from Mike K Media, Andrew Ritter’s photos have a very unique style to them, his photos are edited to look like they been taken with film and I love that, I try to achieve a similar effect in my work. Mike Koziel is the main reason I got in videography, his style is so cinematic, and his videos flow so well. He has really inspired me to make the videos I do.


If you could tell or teach something to the new generation of artists, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to do your own thing, browse the web for new ideas and ways to do things, YouTube can help you tremendously, and follow the top guys in the photography scene, and try figure out how they achieve the shots they do by practicing and trying different techniques, don’t just pick up the camera and take a photo then upload it unedited, take some time and read up on editing techniques, keep learning new things and always look to improve yourself. You don’t need the best equipment to get a great photo, you just need vision. Having a good lens does help somewhat, and recommend investing in some fast glass, it will be well worth it, trust me.


We got to ask… what is your dream car?
That’s a difficult one, there are a few, but I’d have to say the Maserati Quattroporte, I know that’s nothing great but there’s just something about that car that really appeals to me and I think it’s because it’s Italian. I love pretty much all Italian cars and bikes.

DSC_2738-Exposure1111How can our readers follow your work?
You can follow my work on my Flickr Page and you can follow Kabang Media on Vimeo, YouTube and Instagram @kabang_media

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to #TeamGasMagazine, any shout outs or special thanks?
First off I’d like to thank my friends and family for supporting me and being very critical of my work which has helped big time, and I’d like to thank my good friends Jono and Steve for assisting me on all the shoots. Finally I’d like to thank Gas for the opportunity to work with them and help build the magazine.

Interviewed by Deshni

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