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Award winning Disc Jockey Curvyn Naidoo started his career in 1990 at Club Creations. Amongst his many awards, Naidoo won the South African National Battle of The DJ’s Regional Title and was placed 3rd in the Country in 1991. He walked away with the Regional All Round Groove DJ Championship in The Technics National Battle of the DJ finals in Cape Town in 1992 and the Best of the Best DJ Battle in 1994.

The S.A National Deejay Academy (Natal) Regional Finals 1991

Winners (from Left) Babs Pillay (1st prize-mix), Robbie Padayachee (2nd - Mix) and Kevin Naidoo (winner of The Groove).
Winners (from Left) Babs Pillay (1st prize-mix), Robbie Padayachee (2nd – Mix) and Kevin Naidoo (winner of The Groove).

Curvyn Naidoo played at several venues in South Africa including Resident DJ at Club Creations, Dancers (JHB), The Arena (CPT) The Palladium (DBN), The Silver Slipper, The Embassy, Club Zoom, Angelo’s, Liquid, The Bellagio and Empyre Night Club.

He further played at major events like Dusk Till Dawn, Summerfest,Chatsfest, State of Stance, MTN Chirp under 18 Party with S.A’s best Dance DJ’s including Dino Bravo, Mimi K, Kent, Euphonik, DJ Fresh, Roger Goode, Ryan the DJ and many more.

Naidoo has a heart for the community as he volunteered services of Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey to many charitable organizations such as ABH, Cheshire Homes, DAFTA, Port Shepstone Child and Family Welfare, Chatsworth Child and Family Welfare, SAPS, Phoenix Child and Family Welfare. He also helped raise funds for The Illovo Temple and The Dundee Hindu Temple in 2013/2014.

Curvyn Naidoo currently presents The Flipside on Lotus FM weekday nights Monday to Friday, Midnight to 3am.  He has been a Professional MC for over 20 years and also Motor Sport Commentator for KZN MOTORSPORT. Curvyn Naidoo Comperes for Private Functions since 1990, which include Birthday Parties, Weddings, etc. He is a versatile DJ that can entertain any crowd and has made his mark in the Club Industry and is striving to leave a legacy in his radio career.  (Source: LotusFM)


Hi Curvyn AKA DJ Kevin Rebellious! Thank you for this opportunity to let our readers learn a bit more about you. Tell us, when did you develop an interest in music beyond appreciating it as a listener?  I Developed an interest in music from a very young age, possibly from around 3 years old due to my family and extended family who listened and bought a lot of vinyl records and albums.

You’ve been one of Durbans’s favourite DJs from the early 90s, how do you keep your mixes fresh and relevant? Music is like fashion and cars. It changes all the time. Artists come and go and trends change. In order to be fresh as a DJ you have to keep abreast of whats happening both locally and internationally. Always pay attention to the latest technology and whats upcoming for the future. For me personally I like challenging myself by introducing new sounds to different audiences and most of the time they react quite positively.

“Don’t follow trends but try and invent your own original style and people connect with you they will connect with your mixes and music.”

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? There are many challenges these days in comparison with the DJ /Club scene 10 or 15 years ago. You may have noticed that the DJ population has more than trebled and this makes the market difficult for seasoned DJ’s to get gigs because you may get DJ’s who are willing to play for free just to get some fame and social media has also helped elevate the status of the DJ Profession which can sometimes be a negative because it’s not a true reflection of the skill and talent of an individual but rather how popular he is amongst friends and family.

What is it about DJing, compared to, say, being on radio that makes it interesting for you?  I love creating new sounds on the fly and remixing live. Playing for a live audience is far more exciting for me as a DJ but being on radio is also great because you are able to reach far more people than you can at a live gig. Your listeners are able to connect with you immediately and you can respond immediately. With a live audience the pleasure of seeing people getting down and partying is second to none.

Any pearls of wisdom to our aspiring local DJs? All I can say is that if you feed your passion you will reap the rewards.The thing that worked for me is that I started of as young as 14 from high school and I had the support of my fellow pupils and teachers. I never stopped working at it and I always tested myself and took part in major competitions. Its like having a worked up street car and testing it by racing. The only way you can improve is by playing to a wide range of audiences and playing different genres. Don’t follow trends but try and invent your own original style and people connect with you they will connect with your mixes and music.

For those who don’t already know, can you tell us more about your show “The Flipside” on Lotus FM? The Flipside is a Radio show broadcast on Lotus FM on Mondays through to Fridays on 87.7 to 106.8fm Nationwide or simply audio stream on  It’s a late night show that where I play a lot of Indian Popular or Movie music. I target Students, Insomniacs, Truckers and Night Shift workers. It’s a very interactive radio show and listeners get a chance to interact through the Live studio Line or on Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from Djing, what are your other interests? Being a DJ is my life. I am a Professional DJ, MC and Event Organiser. I also love fast cars and football. I have worked as well in the sales and marketing industry. Now I just get paid a lot of money for a job I love doing.

What or whom would you say is your musical influences? My biggest musical influence I would have to say was Michael Jackson. I was around 4 or 5 when I heard his music and I just wanted to sing and dance like him. I am still a big fan.

If you could collaborate with any artist / Dj living or dead, who would it be?  I would love to collaborate with Eminem. To me one the best rappers of our time after 2Pac.

Who are your top 5 local artists at the moment?  Micasa, GoldFish, Proverb, Chuckie and LX Seth.

Of all the places / concerts you have toured, which can you say has been the highlight of your career? That’s a tough one because all of them were awesome. The highlight would be a Club that I was resident DJ at in the 90’s. There is simply nothing to date that can match the ambiance and thrill of playing at the Palladium Durban. The people, the sound, the lighting and the music that we played have become classics.

We are excited to learn of your involvement in local motorsport, can you tell us your views on the KZN Motorscene at the moment? I was the first commentator at the Legal Drag Racing event held a while back in Greyville and continued to do commentary at Mtubatuba and Margate. I love cars especially Ford and the big V8’s. I just wish that we could get an official track in Durban because the scene is loved by both participants and spectators. I see the passion that these drivers have in their cars and they doing it the safe and legal way. I think that Kas Moodley has given the Motorsport scene a bit of promise and I hope that it works out. I love calling out the names of the cars and telling people their times and the smell of Rubber and Ethyonol is just mind blowing.

“ if you feed your passion you will reap the rewards.”

We got to ask, what would your dream car be?  My Dream car would be that Mustang Shelby that Nicholas Cage Drives in that movie…

What is next for DJ Kevin Rebellious? Next is running a radio station and making sure that the content and music is unmatchable.

How can our readers get hold of your beats? My Beats are available to download . You can visit my Facebook page Kevin Rebellious or follow me on Twitter @DjRebellious

Trevor Williams together with Kevin Rebellious at A State of Stance SA 2014
Trevor Williams together with Kevin Rebellious at A State of Stance SA 2014

It was a pleasure meeting you at A State of Stance SA and for the opportunity to interview you, any shout outs or special thanks?  I would just like to thank God. He is important because he made sure that I linked up with all the right people in my life. Also my young family which is my wife Jennel, My daughter Isabella and my son Christian. They give me the reason to keep believing.

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