King Of Slam 2K14

Pics & Words by Wade Lambert

Before I moved down to Cape Town, I knew that ResiStance would be holding a second version of King of Slam, to say the least I was like a 5 year old kid on christmas eve waiting for the day to come. A facebook event was created but no details were leaked until the very last minute. This I thought was very cool, it helped build a lot of hype for the event and a mass amount of anticipation. About a day before, ResiStance released a photo of an international event that was held in a hanger, they wrote that they had booked a similar venue and that they are pushing the limits to raise the level of events in SA. This just completely blew the anticipation levels through the roof. On the night before the event I was sent a few photos of the venue as ResiStance was prepping, I was blown away. I honestly couldn’t not wait for the show to begin.

So saturday mid day arrived and it was time to head off. The hanger was tucked away inside the Wingfield Base in Goodwood. You knew you were at the right place because even the parking lot was swamped with stunner cars. I attempted to take both video and photo’s but I was seriously just so overwhelmed by the level of cars before my eyes. Coming from Durban to this really changes you. The scenes are worlds apart. There were more cars on air that I would have imagined. It just shows how trends catch on and guys really go all out to be big players in the game. A very big statement in the scene here is less is more. Guys are doing simple things that make so much difference and that’s all that needs to be done.

From my point of view the show was executed really well! The venue was super dope, they had a Dj playing some of the trillest beats which gave it a cool vibe, the organisers handled the proceedings well and from what I could see there were no hiccups. I take my hat off to the crew at ResiStance and who ever helped make King of Slam V.2 happen, it was a major success in my book!

IMG_9910-27King of Slam V.2 2014 gets a 100% Hooligan Approval!
We look forward to the next one!

IMG_9996Capestance crew repping hard
at the show! One of the big
players in the scene!

IMG_9971-1Was great to see Luqmaan’s Polly in the metal 🙂 Static FTW!

IMG_9839-1Flippie came with a whole new paint job and new rim set up which blew most people away!

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