Marisca Dyke

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am 16 years old and am in grade 11. I was into of-road motorcycles since the age of 3.
I started on a pw50 then 100cc quad. I started driving my dad’s drift car at the age of 14 to cool it down after he had been drifting. He practiced every Wednesday evening and his car was always dirty afterwards. Every Thursday after school I would quickly do my homework so that I could wash his car and especially loved polishing the engine accessorizes.

After about 6 months of me cleaning his car and driving it he told me to look for my own car. About three months later Hannes Fraans from F’RIX racing in Boksburg phoned us to say he had the perfect car for me, a white Nissan 200 sx called BLITS. It had an sr20 det redtop engine that put 214Kw with 316Nm of power on the back wheels. My dad bought it for my 15th birthday and fitted bc drift suspension. This was the start to my drifting dream.


What is the highlight of your racing career?

Being able to drift the entire track without any mistakes and being able to tandem up against some of the best drifters in the sport, having the opportunity to drift and having so many people standing behind me with loads of support.

In your spare time what would we find you doing?

Practicing athletics (field events). I have 4 records in shot put. But most of the time I would be busy cleaning the engine of my new car and checking for any errors before the next event .

What’s your latest racing accomplishment thus far?

I have qualified twice in the gold cup at The Rock Raceway.

What advice do you have for aspiring drivers?

If you have a passion for something don’t show it with your mouth but with your deeds, dream big for nothing is impossible, to all the ladies when any one doubts you then that’s when you have to show them you are capable of anything.

What has been your favorite car to drive on and of the track?

My latest car, a Toyota Supra MK4 with a upgraded 1JZ GTE.

What are you driving right now?

The Toyota supra mk4, with a 1jz engine with Gready intake, GT35 turbo, 1000cc injectors controlled by a dictator management system, it puts out 240Kw power with 420Nm it has a standard suspension and last it has modified steering angle.

Who or what has been your inspiration & how has this guided you throughout your career?

My father as he has supported me the whole way and taught me all I know about cars,
bikes and drifting.

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