Noor Daoud: Born To Race


noor1Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Noor Daoud; I live in Ramalah, West Bank. I’m 24 years old, originally from Jerusalem and born in the states in Houston, Texas. I came to Jerusalem when I was 3 but lived abroad, we didn’t stay in one place. Before I left Jerusalem I schooled at Lycee francais de Jerusalem until I was 12 then I left to Switzerland for 3 years to Le Rosey boarding school.

After that I left to Miami, FL and went to the best sport academy in the world called IMG Academy and I was there for 3 years. Sport is the major thing in my life. I have been in a lot of different sports and different competitions since I was a little girl such as boxing, swimming, tennis, rowing, soccer, ice hokey, triathlons and a lot more.

But the things I love most are cars. Even as a child I was playing with toy cars instead of Barbie. Racing for me, especially drifting is just a dream come true because I never thought that I would be racing one day especially in Palestine. When I came back from the States in 2009 to Ramalah that is when my racing world really started!

noor3In Ramalah they have speed test racing, which is racing against the watch. I wasn’t happy with the speed test racing although I still was trying my best. In 2011 things started to change. I found what I really want and love and felt that it represents my personality that is Drifting!

I have a 1998 BMW E36. Before I got into racing I was trying to drift with it, this is also how I started and this is where it really started getting serious and professional.

noor11I went to Hungary to My Way Drifting School in Budapest two times to learn the right techniques. After that I started training getting better, I started to receive invitations from countries such as Europe, Dubai and Jordan to come to their events to drift and to also do some shows. They really like who I am especially because I’m the only girl in the Middle East that does drifting. For them its a big deal for an Arab girl to drift in cars its wonderful! Because of our community.

What is left on your list of motoring goals? To keep drifting!noor5

At what age did you start racing? I started racing when I was 18 years old but I used to drive my mothers car at 11.

noor2What’s your latest racing accomplishment thus far?
What I have accomplished thus far has been racing internationally in big events such as the Queen of Europe and King of Europe. Racing on the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, drifting in Jordan and in the Middle East, the East Red Bull Car Drift.

I want my racing career to grow and to become more professional in drifting, travel more around the world and to represent Palestine, my country and my self.

What advice do you have for aspiring drivers?
I strive to inspire not only drivers who dream to become racers but all athletes. Believe in yourself, focus and to put all that energy into their sport. Racing needs a lot of strength mentally because it’s all about concentration.

noor4In your spare time what would we find you doing?
In my spare time I do a lot of things like Motor Cross and learning to stunt ride because I’m also in love with bikes. I work as a personal trainer at a gym it’s called the Executive Club in Ramalah. I also work with my mother at an Italian boutique.

What has been your favorite car to drive on and of the track?
My favorite car since I was young and will always love is a BMW and this is what I drive right now on track, a BMW E30 1jz single turbo 750-horse power modified for drifting.

What are you driving right now?
My daily car is a 2012 GTI 2000 turbo

Who or what has been your inspiration & how has this guided you throughout your career?
My inspiration is always to be strong and positive and believing in myself especially in sports because since I was a little girl, till now I have had the same dream to be this famous Palestinian drifting girl. If I wouldn’t make it in racing I wanted to make it in other sports because I’m talented in every sport I do! I thank God everyday for this beautiful gift that I have.



I put all my energy, all that pressure that I have especially living in Palestine. These factors have helped me to be stronger and to achieve my dream. I had a lot of bad energy around me from other people but I never let anybody put me down because until now I believe that I can go far with my dream.

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 Interviewed by Deshni

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