OTF by CapeStance

Cape Stance Presents Only The Fittest Stance Event

Words & Pics by Wade Lambert AKA Skollie RH


IMG_0304-85With the announcement of Only The Fittest, I realised I would be away in Mossel Bay at the same time of the show. Being my first opportunity to attend an official CapeStance show, there was no way I was going to miss it.


So show day came, 4 hour drive behind us and we were back in the Cape, heading into Paarden Eiland an industrial area back dropped by towers of shipping containers. The venue picked for the show was great, it had a real exclusivity feel to it as if the only way you knew about it was if you knew someone that knew someone.

IMG_0117-20 copy

The cars on show were awesome, you can really see guys are trying hard to show their passion and love for the scene. It’s great that the guys that do it right are shown off and set above the rest because in a way they deserve it.

I think their cars are an inspiration, their hard work and dedication should drive you to have the same commitment to your car/project/build so that when the next show comes your car is in the line up.

IMG_0231-62 copy

Slowly you can see guys are stepping out of their comfort zones and doing things different, creating there own take on something or just trying to mix it up to create variation and stand out from the rest.

IMG_0240-65 copyI could think of no better way to end off the year other than jamming a venue full with some of the fittest cars in the Cape. After going to these events I slowly learn how much the hosts of the events actually put in to give us these awesome days.

I really have to applaud the guys at CapeStance for their efforts, attention to detail and the dedication to growing the scene. I truly cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for us, but like every year, I’m sure it will be killed.

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