What would you say sets your brand apart from this diverse Durban ‘foodie’ market? Our desserts are totally customisable. We have a small menu and a large selection of cookie and ice cream flavours available to  customise your icecream sandwich. Therefore you never have to  choose the same combination twice in your lifetime!

The possibilities are endless……………..

scoop1We love the fact that your success stems from dessert! If only it was that tasty for all of us, can you tell us a bit more about this delicious business concept? Scoop me s’More is South Africa’s first custom Ice Cream Sandwichery. We serve up All Natural Premium Ice Cream sandwiched between 2 freshly baked American style Cookies and loads more.

Any pearls of wisdom to our aspiring chefs / bakers? With hard work, patience and perseverance, even the impossible becomes possible.  It sounds cliché, but doing something you don’t love or have the passion to do, just doesn’t make sense.

What is the stores specialty dessert? Ice cream sammies of course 🙂

What would you say are your main challenges as a restaurateur? We currently trade out of a mobile food cart at the Green Hub, Blue Lagoon.  Our biggest challenge is getting consumers to understand the food trucking concept of no set trading times, limited stock, queuing and first come first served, we pack up and leave when we are sold out.  It’s definitely something awesome to experience.

Our team  enjoying this delicious cookiewich with Fatima.

S.A’s first customizable ice cream cookie sandwichery Fresh Baked Cookies and All Natural Luxury Ice Cream.

What or whom would you say is your foodie influences? Definitely the Food Networks Triple D’s, Guy Fieri… loooove him AND the American food truck scene. It’s so trendy!



If you could describe your store in a word, what would it be?  CHOICES!

We got to ask, what would your dream car be? Mercedes Benz SLS AMG… in Scoop me s’More Red!

Where can our readers find your store? We can be found trading at the Green Hub, Blue Lagoon, when were not busy catering for events, or at the monthly trendy Roof Top Night Market, 5th Floor Parking lot, Musgrave Centre.  Our first brick and mortar store opens soon at 8 Morrison Street, Durban.

Founder | Fatima Seedat

How can our readers follow your store online? Readers can receive news and regular updates for upcoming trailer events/store opening by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook | @scoopmesmore

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