Pics & Words by Nalendren Naik

Porsche, the most ridiculed supercar brand in the super industry. For decades, the Porsche brand was pointed and laughed at because of the placement of the vehicles powerhouse but the following was still strong despite this ridicule. Now here in the present, the opposite is spoken of Porsche. Now every supercar manufacturer wants to know what are the engineers at Porsche headquarters Stuttgart are up to.

Decades of various models and engineering has produced the pinnacle of driving performance from a rear engine supercar which others have tried but cannot come anywhere close to a Porsche’s precision and everyday usability.

On Sunday 8 November 2015 Porsche Club KZN drivers competed at the final Auto X event of 2015. The event was sponsored by Amazing Glaze and hosted by the Porsche Club KZN in the parking lot of Sibaya Casino. It was the final round of the club’s Auto X series to determine the annual driver of the year champion. The event started at 9:00am and finished at about 12:00 noon.

This event also marked the fourth renewal of Amazing Glaze’s annual sponsorship of the Porsche Club KZN’s Auto X series. Free snacks & drinks were supplied by Amazing Glaze to all participants, club members and invited guests.

Personally from my experiences, yes a Ferrari is loud and flamboyant and ever so passionate but sit in a Porsche. It can be driven around like a normal luxury coupe and when the fast pedal is influenced by your foot, it turns into a tire gripping precise weapon of performance which even then it is done with ease.

All of this that I speak about was shown on 8 November 2015 at the Porsche Clubs Auto X event held at Sibaya Casino, sponsored by Amazing Glaze. Auto X is a series of events held by the Porsche Club through the year with the mandate to name a driver of the year.

I was greeted by Porsche’s of different eras lined up like soldiers on the battle front ready and ever so eager to maneuver around the predefined track that was laid out for the day. The quite technical track was laid out to test the drivers and vehicles to their best abilities for the various categories that they were being judged on.

What a magnitude of sensations engulfed the crowd when the engines revved up followed by the sounds of tire stretching around the track with a blaze of colours flying past you. A truly spectacular site for any spectator petrol head or not.

Whilst drivers were battling it out, the few that weren’t in, were sharing stories of their experiences and indulging in the rather sumptuous spread laid out by the team from Amazing Glaze.

As the hours past, the smiles widened with the increasing smell of burning rubber signaling the event was coming to an end.

The winners of the various categories were announced with much anticipation from the drivers. All in all a wonderful event carried out by Amazing Glaze and the Porsche Club.

Everyone left as a winner.

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