Static Menace

Pics & Words by Avesh Chhoteyal

STOP, before you turn that page with the thought “it just another Golf 1 feature” take some time to read the tremendous story behind this completely rebuilt Mk1. Ashley’s 2005 VW MK1 Velociti, nicknamed Liqui Moly, has been down a long road. He begun with a completely stock car and began building his dream MK1, which he believes he’s accomplished. He insisted that the shoot be done around Chatsworth in Durban, the area where he lives, as that was where many of his fondest memories and friends that helped with the build live, which made me believe that Ashley is one grounded guy,
excuse the pun.

My first encounter with Ashley’s Golf was earlier this year and boy did my head turn. The first, and one of the most significant, features I noticed was the ride height of the car. SA Stance has been one of the quickest growing styling categories in the past few years, long gone are the days of big splitters and wings. Many people assume “STANCE” is all about the ride height of a car, I tend to believe otherwise. Stance, to me, means a lot more than just ride height although that is a huge factor. It’s the complete presence of the car, how it looks as a complete package… Words like fitment, tuck, camber, wheels, paint etc come to mind and that’s what this MK1 is all about, a complete package.

“It’s a lifestyle choice and I ride static low pretty much every day.”

DSC_0069 copy

Performance Figures:
– Engine Capacity: 2100cc
– Transmission: Manual FFz trick box with LSD & short shifter, Sachs clutch, CTI shafts & CV’s with polyurethane mounts
– Power: 127wkw
– Torque: 223nm
– 0-100 in: N/A
– 1/4 mile: 14.3
– Top Speed: 163km/h

Performance Modifications::
– Engine Mods: 2L 8v AGG Motor (Gearbox Centre Springfield)
– Tuning: CPI Chipped and Tuned

Top End
The head has been gas flowed and ported with the addition of bigger valves which were polished and spiraled and with double spring lifter. It has an Estas split ratio 276 – 282 cam running with an adjustable Vernier pulley. The intake has been gas flowed and a VR6 throttle body with the VR6 injectors have been added.

Bottom End
2.5L Caravelle pistons with stock rods. A 1.9tdi knife edged crank has been engineered specifically for the car with a set of ARL bearings. The flywheel has been lightened to a 9 hole double dwell flywheel.

The exterior starts off with an insanely neat Magic Black, factory colour, paint job with a stage 2 gloss coat which was completed by the guys from Naseem’s Paint Shop. The overall look of the car has remained simplistic, with a few subtle features added, namely some decals and a boot spoiler which add to the clean cut look of the exterior.

“It’s finished off with a modified bonnet which has a Perspex cut out in  the centre, which shows off the heart of
the beast lying within. “


The interior has a similar approach to the exterior styling, simple and elegant touches to say the least. A fully functional Polo Blue Motion steering, with steering controls and functioning airbag, has been fitted which gives him a great grip on reality when his foot meets the right pedal. A set of Audi A3 RECARO heated seats were installed which would keep you pretty snug through intense cornering but comfortable enough on those long drives to the car shows.

The ICE for the car consists of 2 Da Brat series XTC amps with 4000w max power per amp. The tunes are fed through the front mounted 4×80 XTC Italia DVD Player which links well with the ByDsign screen tucked away neatly in the boot install. The DB’s come through a Pioneer 12inch sub-woofer and Sony 6×9’s and super tweeters.

The car sits on a set of fully adjustable XYZ coilovers which allow the car to be brought all the way down to achieve the tucked effect by adding a bit negative camber. This look has its downfalls though, Ashley has been through his fair share of tires due to the camber and his love for speed. Although Ashley has the option to un-camber the wheels and raise the ride height, he chooses not to.

When I asked him why he doesn’t he simply replied, “it’s a lifestyle choice and I ride static low pretty much every day”, and I can believe him as he had come scraping down the road to meet me before the shoot. His friends attest to this fact as they usually hear the scraping noise even before he arrives outside to visit.

A set of 15inch Lenso BSX 8.25j all wide wheels are fitted and wrapped in sleek Dunlop 165/50/15 tires to give it the much wanted, and needed in this case, stretched tire look. The 30 offset allows the fender to tuck neatly between the rim lip and tire wall, which means absolutely no wheel gap when the car is completely lowered/hard parked for shows.

Now we get down to what drives this amazing machine, the heart of the golf has been extensively operated on and I’ve seen first-hand the kind of damage it’s capable of doing on the road. Not only is Ashley into Stance he has a passion for speed and it shows with the amount of work that has been done to the engine.

The entire build and car has been dedicated to the memory of Ashley’s late Grandfather and cousin Linda. Ashley would also like to thank GOD for all his blessings, his parents and friends for all the help during the build.

A special thanks to the VW Crew Guys Ronaldp, Rowayne, Oliver and Sashen, Denzil’s Auto (Engine Mods), Powerflow Umbilo (Keith – Exhaust), Radical Rides, CPI (Avi & Myan – Tuning), Sholia’s Tech & Keegan (Sound & Boot setup), and not forgetting his other half, Valanee, for putting up with the late nights and greasy clothes…

In summary I believe this car, although simple to some, has all the hall marks and finer details to make it onto my list of the best VW MK1’s in KZN.

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