SupaDrift Series Championship Final

SupaDrift Series Championship Final at the Lotus FM SupaCharg’d Event

A brief spell of rain dampened the tracks ahead of the Top 16 challenge on Sunday the 30th of November. The wet track slowed down entry speeds into the first corner to a mere 55km per hour. The slippery surface rendered horsepower irrelevant, and gave drivers with more precise technique the upper hand.

Photo by Dave Nisbet. Zane Hussain leads the charge with Jim McFarlane following, on track at the Lotus FM SupaCharged event copy30 November 2014
The Auto Trader SupaDrift Series Champion Was Crowned




Over 35 drivers travelled to the Lotus FM SuperCharg’d event in Durban this past weekend, to compete for the championship spot in South African’s only national drift competition – The Auto Trader SupaDrift Series.

With a title at stake the drivers set out hard, pushing their limits to make their mark. 2013 champion, Jason Webb pushed a touch too hard in his second qualifying run and hit the wall, writing it off his car. One man’s loss became another man’s gain. This was the case for Shane Gutzeit who, following Webb’s crash, was left in good stead to take second position in the Series.

A brief break in drifting during the Top 8 saw Sean February cause a stir on track when his boot caught alight mid-drift. A flurry of foam and the fire was out leaving February unharmed and his car looking like a snow-covered Christmas tree.

Jim McFarlane faced Shane Gutzeit in the battle for 1st and 2nd position. Gutzeit’s enthusiasm turned aggressive and he too hit the wall. McFarlane was left with a clear line to take 1st place following a consistent day of clean and precise runs.

With Gutzeit’s crash, 2nd place was still up for grabs. Zane Hussein faced Paulo Gouveia. It was Hussein’s calculated tactics of driving on the drier spots on track in order to draw more power from his car, which saw him snatch second spot from Gouveia.

With all the runs complete and points combined with the year standings, the overall winner for the 2014 Auto Trader SupaDrift Series was announced as Wade van Zummerun. 2014 has been an exceptional year for the motorsport athlete who only needed to qualify for the Top 16 in order to claim the Series.

Once the track was wet, the playing field changed. Drivers had to rely on their skills. It made for an extremely exciting day of drifting. I couldn’t think of a better way to end off
an incredible year on the circuit. – Auto Trader CEO and title sponsor, George Mienie

The SupaDrift Series was founded in 2009 by XS Promotions, organisers and commercial rights holders of the national championship franchise.

Photo by Darren Townsend. Paoulo Gouveia powers his way around the Auto Trader SupaDrift Series championship final, held at the Lotus FM SupaCharg'd event

The AutoTrader SupaDrift Series is the only Motorsport South African endorsed national championship in the country. This is the second year that a national champion will be crowned.

Drifting involves the intentional over steering of cars, which causes a loss of traction in the rear wheels. Drivers must maintain control from entry to exit of a corner with the intention of gaining style points from judges and spectators. Points are determined by style, drift angle, tyre smoke and noise maintained around a fixed course.

Photo by Darren Townsend. (l-r) South Africa's second national drift champion, Wade van Zummeren, in second place last year's winner Jason Webb, in third is Shane Gutzeit and in fourth Paulo Gouveia.

2015 will see the Auto Trader SupaDrift Series head in to its third year as a national drift championship. 2015 circuit dates to be announced in early January 2015.

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