The Oldsmobile Cutlass

Pics: MS Photo

The 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a REAL American muscle car, with
its slick and sexy look it sure does turn heads when cruising down the road, but this is not something you would commonly see in Durban let alone South Africa.

So how did Mr. Peter Moodley obtain this demon of a car?

Well it started off in 1999 when he bought the car from an old friend, he put it on a trailer and brought back to its new home Durban.

Mr. Moodley started from the chassis, he painted the car himself with a cool ice white then assembled the original 350 V8 back to its original state. It took about a further 12 years to complete this project, he reupholstered the original interior to 100% leather and put on a set of 20 inch rims to compliment the bulkiness of the car.

Technical Specs

Manufacturer: GM Oldsmobile
Engine: 350 CID (5.7 litre) 231KW
•    Full Edbelbrock Kit
•    Edbelbrock Carb
•    Electronic Distributer
Gearbox: 3 speed turbo box
Braking: upgraded to all Disc braking
Exhaust: Full 3inch stainless steel exhaust

Vehicle History

Oldsmobile’s bestseller in the 1970s and 1980s, and in some of those years America’s best-selling car. The Cutlass and other GM intermediates were completely restyled for the 1968 with wheel bases shortened to 112 inches (2,845mm) for the 2 door coupe models.

The Cutlass Supreme now the top of the line olds intermediates series was paired down to the two and four door hardtop models with the pillared sedans and the pillarless coupe. The standard Rocket V8 engine was enlarged from a 330 to a 350 cubic inch with 310 HP (231kw).

Oldsmobile was a brand of American automobile produced for most of its existence by General Motors. Ransom E. Olds founded it in 1897. In its 107-year history, it produced 35.2 million cars, including at least 14 million built at its Lansing, Michigan factory.

The car still holds its original license and is not registered as a rebuild. He custom built in flamethrowers and this is what catches the crowd’s attention.


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