Toyota 86 KZN Owners Club

Words & Pics by Thashen Naidoo

So I should start this off by stating that the 86 club is not really a “club”.


“What?” you must be asking, well, this is rather a bunch of guys who happened to bump (not literally of course!) into each other along the roads of KZN and exchanged digits so they could meet at various car shows and just talk shop, the shop in question?

The Toyota 86!


From humble beginnings of just 10 cars, the ‘club’ now has 45 autos in their fleet.


Besides car shows, the guys also attend official Toyota events and due to the 86’s pedigree, they are also invited to Subaru track days.


The members of the club share more than just an interest in their pride and joys, and that is a disliking of rules, this ensures that all meets are kept casual and are all about having fun.








If you’re a Toyota 86 petrolhead, look them up on Facebook to keep up to date with their event pics, meet and greets via Toyota 86 owners KZN.

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