Toyota TRD Twincam Crew

Photography by Thashen Naidoo

Established in 2010, the club has an intention of uniting and encouraging a brotherhood among Toyota enthusiasts of KZN by participating in social meets, car group convoys, charity events and various other motoring events.

The KZN Twincam Crew is guided by a dedicated group of board members led by Chairman Mr. S. Govender. However, they are different from other car clubs in that they do not charge any registration fee and their primary source of revenue is from the crew member’s contribution towards the many events they organize. The crew is strictly a non-profit organization with no registration fees required by members.

On the 6th of April this year we had the great pleasure shooting the crew at our annual Dyno Wars event at Autotrix Motorport.

One after the other they lined up to hit the rollers. Pushing out serious figures throughout the day.

The crew has more than 50 members with Toyota’s ranging from the early 1980’s up till 2014 models. Each and every member share’s a great passion for their cars and this is what unites the crew.

The crew has completed many events from 2010 up until 2014. The most successful was the Charity event in 2012 where R21 000 was raised for the Haven of Rest in Tongaat, KZN.


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