SA Auto Tech’s E30 BMW 325is

There are a few cars that caught my eye when I was a wee little boy, the e30 was then and still is now one of my all time favourite cars.

[So simple.]

Really is just a f*cking square box on wheels, but it’s the best f*cking square box on wheels ever made, and that’s coming from a Mk1 fanboy!

It is a rather boring design, especially in stock form with crappy donkey suspension and more wheel gap than a Russian hooker.
But, with a little personal touch and a pocket of cash this brick on wheels becomes Cinderella of the automotive world.

It transforms into a modern classic, but with a bullish attitude that screams “UP YOURS!!” and Anand’s from SA Autotech’s e30 is one bull you do not want to mess with!

Originally Red Anand decided for a change in the colour, and his choice is spot on. The dark rich grey/anthracite just oozes sexiness and works so well with the e30. All this goodness sits perfectly on a set of M3 Motorsport wheels and is stanced to absolute perfection!

Now you would think that it’s sitting on a fancy set of Coilovers, but a good combination of H&R Springs and dampers is all you need. The offset is just right filling the arches with Toyo goodness.

Over the 10 years of owning his 325is Anand has put plenty into the bay.

Replacing the motor with an e36 328i motor, forged the pistons, upgrade conrods to Eagle’s, gasflowed the head and exhaust manifold and chucked in a couple 1000cc injections.

He didn’t stop there; custom propshaft, diff and side shafts had to be made up to handle the brute force of the Bullseye turbo.

Clutch has also been upgraded to a triple plate clutch and custom flywheel, which is matched to the m3 transmission.

Dictator Fuel Management is the choice of the day to map the 650 ponnies under the hood.

On race day his Hoosier rubber assists in getting a PB of 10.6sec quarter mile at a crappy Margate runway!

[Quite impressive if you ask me.]

Inside the cockpit, things change. This car is for racing, so the first thing that has to be done is…

Rear seats are tossed out and replaced with a half cage. The seats were replaced with some Lighter OMP racing seats and OMP Harness, and that’s it!

[Weight Reduction Bro!]

That’s all you need and all you want  in the car like this.

Anand would like to give thanks to all the staff at SA Autotech for their dedication and to his friends and family for all their support over the years. Also a special thanks to GAS Mag for the feature and for pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry in KZN!

Pics & Words by
Shaun Thorndike

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