Wicked Production

Words & Pics by Thashen Naidoo

 Mondays… Who likes Mondays?

Morbid, monotonous, mind numbing… check. Mesmerizing, magnificent, majestic, not so much, unless of course you were waiting an entire weekend to unleash some brass tipped carbon fibre tubes into a target the size of last night’s dinner plate.

This was not the only thing that made my Monday tolerable. The other thing that had me salivating since Saturday evening was the fact that I was going to be joined by Shivani Pillay and her Golf 6 with its completely bespoke finish.

So there I was quietly enjoying myself, blasting some arrows through bulls eye after bulls eye (Ed’s note: Thashen is definitely lying about that, I saw him, he sucks. He’s lucky if the arrows even hit the board!) at the Kings Park Archery Association’s shooting range when Shivani pulls in. She promptly parks the G6 in the middle of field and turns it off. The car drops to the ground and I fall in love.

Thank goodness all my arrows had been fired or I may have fainted and stabbed myself through the face or worse. I retired my bow and arrows to pick up my camera to grab some snaps. Within a few seconds the tune of Marimba is heard and Shivani busies herself with some phone calls on her iPhone. This car, is actually the cause of these calls because it not only serves as her daily driver but also as a mobile billboard for her business, Wicked Dips.

It attracts a helluva lot of attention and hence her business has picked up. After the third call she affords me the opportunity to chat about the car. I first saw this car at the 2012 Autostyle Show in Gateway. My retinas and camera’s sensor were seared (still recovering) by its matte orange paintwork basking in the spring sun.


She tells me about how many times the VW has changed its skin since then, going from matte red to metallic purple to fluorescent yellow then matte blue followed by white and finally its current finish. Gosh, that was a mouthful. She also told me that the Helious mag wheels that the car was wearing for the show were borrowed from a friend and soon after the show she bought the wheels that you currently see. They also got their fair share of plasti-dip, first colour being orange and now blue.

 Her inspiration for the Plasti-dip finish came from the movie Taxi in which the lead car transforms into a different colour.

For its final form her GTi first received a coat of matte black Plasti-dip in order for Shaun, the graffiti artist, to spray on his art and not have it permanent. Shivani admitted that finding a graffiti artist was hard because most of them keep a very low profile, but Shaun (after getting busted too many times by the cops) is now doing it legally for paying customers. He arrived at the shop with his car virtually full of aerosols and lots of different nozzles to achieve different sprays.



While he was working, Shivani and the other guys from Wicked Dips actually had to be shooed out of the paint room after staring at him working for a bit too long! Hey, I would also be mesmerized to see my car transform before my very eyes! After two days of hand painting he was done and it was well worth the wait. This was his first painting of a car and now wants to do the same to his own!

The mag wheels offer a stunning contrast in their magnificent blue against the mostly grey finish of the car. The air suspension ensures that the car is also sumptuously slammed when it’s parked and fights with the paintwork for attention. The end product is as polarizing as it is unique, causing camera phones to appear everywhere it parks. That’s what art should do, right?

The exterior is not the only thing that’s been customised; the car received its full Kicker setup from Sound Boyz days before it was to be displayed at the 2013 Top Gear Festival. She claims that for one 12? It’s pretty loud but insists that the install was for the sake of sound quality. If I had this car though, the sound system would be off most of the time, mostly due to the roar, which emanated from the exhaust system going up every hill.

The change in the engines vocals is all owed to the guys at Stealth. I was quite surprised to hear how limited the performance modifications were on the car, considering Shivani’s previous garage warmers, which includes a Golf 4 GTi, Golf 5 GTi, Renault Megane R26 F1 edition, an S3 and an E92 M3! When I offered her the bow to take a few shots I was stunned to find that she hates ballistics, even though she has owned some very ballistic cars!

We end the shoot with a photo of Shivani nervously holding a loaded bow scared to even touch the string! “Hey, with the weapon in your hands, I should be the nervous one!” I told her. Soon after that the thick grey clouds which were threatening to shower us opened up and it begins to pour down.

What were you expecting, a glorious sunset? It was still a Monday after all.

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