Xclusiv Mods: After Dark

Pics & Words by Thashen Naidoo

Bang, Bang!

DSC02556 copyThe crowd seems to collectively release a massive whoa. I see people running around while I’m just getting my gear out my boot. What is going on? Had somebody been shot?

As I rush down into the parking lot of Northgate Mall all I could see was a haze of smoke and some bright xenon’s cutting through it. Nobody had been shot, thankfully. It was crew who pride themselves on making their golf spit flames and backfire the way Colin McRae’s Subie’s did on the WRC circuits. Phew, relief!

A stark contrast to my dark thoughts of somebody being shot, the automotive communities in Johannesburg are some of the friendliest, most passionate people I’ve met. Their cars stole the spotlight as you can see. In between all the smoke and gorgeous cars, I managed to grab some time with the guy who put it all together, Fa’eez ‘XclusivModz’ Hassen.

 What services/products does XclusivModz provide?

We are a fitment centre and custom shop based in Pretoria. We provide services from custom upholstery to vinyl dipping. We stock most of the known brands to average man on the street.

When was it started, and where?

It all started back in 2011 as a blogspot for custom car photography and ended up as custom shop, event coordinator and photography page. All this was started from home back in 2011 to our new premises of 400square meter workshop.

When was the first show/meet up?

The first show was in 2012, the XclusivModz Auto Show 2012.

What is your aim in hosting these events?

The main aim is to bring like-minded people together. We do it for the people. We do it for the love of cars.

Is there any criteria that has to be met for an owner to bring his/her car to such an event?

There are no criteria, we don’t have strict policies, any car, any crew and everyone is welcome.

How do you go about finding suitable venues to host the meet ups?

We look for large open spaces where people can feel and we always look for centrally located venues as our fans come from all over Gauteng.

What do you have in store for the future?

If I tell you I’ll have to kill you (just kidding) Watch this space as 2015 is going to be more rocking than any other year in the history of SA’s car scene.

Please keep putting these meets together Fa’eez, we totally love the Fast & Furious night time meet up vibes!

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